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Paul Dupont And His Orchestra - Tapestry
Year: 1977 | Reissue    LP: 22,00 EUR

Musax Background Music Library Vol. 1
Year: 1970s | Reissue    LP: 22,00 EUR

In Motion - Modern Progressive Group Sounds by Rubba
Year: 1980 | Reissue    LP: 21,90 EUR

Jacky Giordano - Timing Archives
Year: 1970s | Reissue    LP: 19,90 EUR

Yan Tregger - Catchy
Year: 1978 | Reissue    LP: 19,90 EUR

Agression Excitement
Year: 1980s    CD: 5,00 EUR

Katastrophen Catastrophes
Year: 1980s    CD: 5,00 EUR

Soundbox - Library Music For Your Advanced Taste
Year: 1970s | Reissue    LP: 12,00 EUR

Joe Fender (Frank Pleyer)
Year: 1970s | Reissue    CD: 30,00 EUR

Drama Montage Volumes 1 & 2 - Brian Bennett
Year: 1978 / 1979    2 CD Set: 16,00 EUR

The Cast Five - Popsound N. 1
Year: 1971 | Reissue    LP: 24,90 EUR

The Hustlers - Dramatic Music From The Chappell Library
Year: 1970-1977    CD: 14,50 EUR

Sophisticated Sounds From The Bruton Music Library
Year: 1978-1985    CD: 14,50 EUR

Francis Monkman, Paul Hart - Energism, Futurism
Year: 1978 / 1981    CD: 14,50 EUR

Freedom Power - Various Artists
Year: 1970 | Reissue    LP: 28,00 EUR

Inchiesta - Alessandro Alessandroni
Year: 1977 | Reissue    LP: 30,00 EUR

Stefano Torossi - Feelings
Year: 1974 | Reissue    LP: 28,50 EUR

Heinz Kiessling & Peter Jacques - Q1
Year: 1974 | Reissue    LP: 20,00 EUR

The Hanged Man - Alan Tew
Year: 1970s    CD: 15,50 EUR

Steve Gray, Syd Dale - It's A Colourful World
Year: 1980s    CD: 14,85 EUR

James Clarke Sounds - Girl On The Beach & Gentle Sounds, KPM
Year: 1960s    CD: 14,85 EUR

Colours Of Funk Vol. 2 - German Sound Library 1975-1982
Year: 1970s/80s | Reissue    LP: 16,50 EUR

Time To Fly - Easy Listening From The KPM 1000 Series
Year: 1970s    CD: 14,85 EUR

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 library music
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 bossa samba latin
 beat & 60s pop
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Special Clicks In Color - Dieter Reith
Special Clicks In Color - Dieter Reith
Special Clicks In Color - Dieter Reith
Special Clicks In Color - Dieter Reith
Golden Ring Records
14,00 EUR

Media: LP
Condition: Vinyl: VG+(+) | Cover: *VG+ 
(Grading Guide)
Label: Golden Ring Records
| Stereo
Year: 1970s
Country: Germany
Cat. Number: A 30001 RM

Special Clicks In Color - Dieter Reith, Werner Drexler's Go-Go Sound, Doringo's Latin Doodle Band, Franz Löffler And His Magic Guitars

cover has peeling of the laminate and yellow staining to rear.

German Library LP with many nice mid-tempo latin and easy style tunes; beautiful scat vocals on "Jolie Madame", "Rendezvous With Caroline" and "Ninio", also includes the groovy "Latin Doodle Beat" with some great organ work from Dieter Reith.

Please check out audio samples!

A1. Tiptoes On The Beach - Dieter Reith
A3. Korsika - Franz Löffler
A5. Jolie Madame - Werner Drexler's Go-Go Sound
A6. Latin Doodle Beat - Doringo's Latin Doodle Band
B1. Rendezvous With Caroline - Werner Drexler's Go-Go

B3. Ninio - Werner Drexler's Go-Go Sound
B6. Lady Latin Beat - Werner Drexler's Go-Go Sound

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