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Acid - Six To Seven, Midnight Queen
Year: 1973    7": 25,00 EUR

Milestones - Falter im Wind, Du schöner Tag
Year: 1972    7" (Gatefold Sleeve): 18,00 EUR

Golem - Your Time Is Over, The Pun
Year: 1971    7": 15,00 EUR

One Family - Lazy Guy, The Fattest One
Year: 1976    7": 8,00 EUR

One Family - Yellow Kangaroo
Year: 1977    7": 5,00 EUR

Sweet Lovers - Chapeau Claque
Year: 1972    7": 9,00 EUR

Trenschkoot - Das Leben, Das i ohne di net auskum
Year: 1976    7": 17,00 EUR

Trenschkoot - Songs Of Yesterday
Year: 1978    7": 17,00 EUR

C-Department - Mist Of Silence
Year: 1970    7": 45,00 EUR

Red Devils - Bixi Clan, Eternity
Year: 1971    7": 22,00 EUR

One Family - Jung sein is ka leichte Hack'n
Year: 1971    7": 35,00 EUR

Fairport Convention - Rising For The Moon
Year: 1975    LP: 18,00 EUR

Fairport Convention - What We Did On Our Holidays
Year: 1976    LP: 20,00 EUR

Sandy Denny - The North Star Grassman And The Ravens
Year: 1971    LP (Gatefold Cover): 20,00 EUR

Yatha Sidhra - A Meditation Mass
Year: 1974    LP: 35,00 EUR

The Madcaps - Und wem's net gfoid, der soll sich haun über...
Year: 1970    7": 12,00 EUR

Licht in tausend Teil - Jazz At Church
Year: 19??    7" EP (Gatefold Cover): 10,00 EUR

Jack's Angels Best (Jack Grunsky)
Year: 1970s    LP: 30,00 EUR

Kon. G. Nial. - Nova, Studioparty
Year: 1982    7": 33,00 EUR

The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin'
Year: 19??    LP: 15,00 EUR

Freakout !! - The Great New Guitar Sounds
Year: 1960s    LP: 15,00 EUR

Kaplan Manfred Schwarz - Lieder zum Nachdenken
Year: 1971    LP: 64,00 EUR

Nazz (Todd Rundgren)
Year: 1969    LP: 35,00 EUR

 library music
 soul & funk
 beat & 60s pop
 prog psych rock pop
 smooth & easy
 bossa samba latin
 deutsche schlager
 library music
 soul funk
 bossa samba latin
 beat & 60s pop
 prog psych rock pop
 smooth & easy
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Univeria Zekt - The Unnamables
Univeria Zekt - The Unnamables
Univeria Zekt - The Unnamables
Univeria Zekt - The Unnamables

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Condition: New, Factory Sealed 
(Grading Guide)
Label: Golden Pavilion | Stereo
Year: 1971
| Reissue
Country: France
Cat. Number: GP1005LP

A mythical Magma album recorded in 1971, during the “1000 centigrades” period. The album aims at introducing wider audiences to the Zeuhl feel, with a less hermetic sound, favoring a more groovy jazz-rock approach. Features the vocalist of Ergo Sum on one track as well as Tito Puentes on trumpet, otherwise this is pretty much the same line-up as in their previous album. A few dreamy moments with acoustic guitar and flutes (“Clementine”), and other typically dense moments with pulsating bass lines, mad sax and weird Vander screams punctuated by furious drumming with a groovy edge. Gatefold cover, 180 gram vinyl, limited to 600 copies.

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