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Acid - Six To Seven, Midnight Queen
Year: 1973    7": 25,00 EUR

Milestones - Falter im Wind, Du schöner Tag
Year: 1972    7" (Gatefold Sleeve): 18,00 EUR

Golem - Your Time Is Over, The Pun
Year: 1971    7": 15,00 EUR

One Family - Lazy Guy, The Fattest One
Year: 1976    7": 8,00 EUR

One Family - Yellow Kangaroo
Year: 1977    7": 5,00 EUR

Sweet Lovers - Chapeau Claque
Year: 1972    7": 9,00 EUR

Trenschkoot - Das Leben, Das i ohne di net auskum
Year: 1976    7": 17,00 EUR

Trenschkoot - Songs Of Yesterday
Year: 1978    7": 17,00 EUR

C-Department - Mist Of Silence
Year: 1970    7": 45,00 EUR

Red Devils - Bixi Clan, Eternity
Year: 1971    7": 22,00 EUR

One Family - Jung sein is ka leichte Hack'n
Year: 1971    7": 35,00 EUR

Fairport Convention - Rising For The Moon
Year: 1975    LP: 18,00 EUR

Fairport Convention - What We Did On Our Holidays
Year: 1976    LP: 20,00 EUR

Sandy Denny - The North Star Grassman And The Ravens
Year: 1971    LP (Gatefold Cover): 20,00 EUR

Yatha Sidhra - A Meditation Mass
Year: 1974    LP: 35,00 EUR

The Madcaps - Und wem's net gfoid, der soll sich haun über...
Year: 1970    7": 12,00 EUR

Licht in tausend Teil - Jazz At Church
Year: 19??    7" EP (Gatefold Cover): 10,00 EUR

Jack's Angels Best (Jack Grunsky)
Year: 1970s    LP: 30,00 EUR

Kon. G. Nial. - Nova, Studioparty
Year: 1982    7": 33,00 EUR

The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin'
Year: 19??    LP: 15,00 EUR

Freakout !! - The Great New Guitar Sounds
Year: 1960s    LP: 15,00 EUR

Kaplan Manfred Schwarz - Lieder zum Nachdenken
Year: 1971    LP: 64,00 EUR

Nazz (Todd Rundgren)
Year: 1969    LP: 35,00 EUR

 library music
 soul & funk
 beat & 60s pop
 prog psych rock pop
 smooth & easy
 bossa samba latin
 deutsche schlager
 library music
 soul funk
 bossa samba latin
 beat & 60s pop
 prog psych rock pop
 smooth & easy
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Mario Garcia - Sr. Cisne
Mario Garcia - Sr. Cisne
Mario Garcia - Sr. Cisne
Mario Garcia - Sr. Cisne
19,00 EUR

Condition: New, Factory Sealed 
(Grading Guide)
Label: Golden Pavilion | Stereo
Year: 1982
| Reissue
Country: Brazil
Cat. Number: GP1006LP

Mesmerizing album that is unbelievably still unknown to most collectors! A Latin-rock venture that explores African rooted music of Uruguay with dense percussion, complex time signatures, driving electric guitar solos, and an assertive groove that lies somewhere between wicked funk and psych-prog leanings with long instrumental parts relying on strong bass lines, killer percussion and an ever-present Santana-like electric guitar. Originally released in a tiny run of just a few hundred copies. Limited reissue of  450 copies.

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