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Fred Karlin - Up The Down Staircase OST
Year: 1967    LP: 55,00 EUR

Der Mann ohne Gnade "Death Wish II" - Jimmy Page
Year: 1982    LP: 8,00 EUR

Jeanette - Porque Te Vas (Cria Cuervos)
Year: 1976    LP: 15,00 EUR

Piero Piccioni - Il Faro In Capo Al Mondo
Year: 1972    LP (Sample Copy): 22,00 EUR

Orch. Joe Jerkins - Der Kommissar
Year: 1972    7": 26,00 EUR

Peter Thomas - Der Stoff aus dem die Träume sind
Year: 1972    7": 7,00 EUR

Improved Sound Ltd. - I'm Exhausted
Year: 1969    7": 9,00 EUR

Romy Schneider, Michel Piccoli - Das Lied der Helene
Year: 1970    7": 17,00 EUR

Roulette - Alan Vydra (OST)
Year: 1977    LP: 20,00 EUR

Heinz Neubrand - Parabolica, Formel 1
Year: 1970    7": 35,00 EUR

Nescafe Gold - Der Hit aus der Welt des Kaffees
Year: 19??    7": 12,00 EUR

The Needles - Blue Like A Dream
Year: 1968    7" : 33,00 EUR

Marcel Latour - Liebende Frauen
Year: 1969    7" : 5,00 EUR

Martin Böttcher - Shut-Melodie
Year: 1964    7": 5,00 EUR

Steve Ellis - Loot, More More More
Year: 1970    7": 40,00 EUR

Happy Valmeline - Midnight in Rio
Year: 19??    7": 15,00 EUR

Der rosarote Panther - Eric Frantzen
Year: 1974    7": 40,00 EUR

Benjamin OST - Gary Wright
Year: 1974    LP: 29,00 EUR

Paul Mauriat - Ein Mann und eine Frau
Year: 1967    7": 5,00 EUR

The Silencers - Dean Martin
Year: 1966    LP: 10,00 EUR

Easy Rider - The Byrds, Steppenwolf, Jimi Hendrix...
Year: 1976    LP: 10,00 EUR

Sex O'Clock U.S.A. (OST) - Mort Shuman
Year: 1977    LP: 18,00 EUR

Blow Up - Herbie Hancock, The Yardbirds
Year: 19??    LP: 14,00 EUR

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 library music
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 bossa samba latin
 beat & 60s pop
 prog psych rock pop
 smooth & easy
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Cycle Breed
Cycle Breed
Cycle Breed
Cycle Breed
Davie Allan & The Arrows - 18 Vintage Widescreen Rarities And Unissued Cuts
15,00 EUR

Media: CD
Condition: New Copy
Label: Sundazed
Year: 1966-68
Country: USA
Cat. Number: SC11183

’60s Biker Flicks were second only to the Beach Party series as the highest-grossing youth movies, and Davie Allan & the Arrows’ provided the full-throttled music for most of them! Cycle Breed gathers 18 of the Arrows best and rarest, hitting the pavement with a collection of scorching guitar instros from such two-wheel triumphs as The Wild Angels, Devil’s Angels and The Glory Stompers, and teen-exploitation classics MaryJane and Wild in the Streets. Plus, the CD boasts 5 previously unreleased gems — trax cut for the surf movie The Golden Breed and the cycle/LSD saga The Angry Breed.

Please check out audio samples!

Hell Rider

High Rise


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