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Perez Prado - Now
Year: 1974    LP: 9,00 EUR

Willie Rosario - Boogaloo & Guaguanco
Year: 1968    LP : 29,00 EUR

Otto De Rojas - Al Ritmo Del Bump-Bump
Year: 1976    7": 18,00 EUR

Bobby Hebb - Sunny' 76 (Discotheque)
Year: 1975    7": 5,00 EUR

Brigitte Wall - Alter müder Mann
Year: 1970's    7" : 28,00 EUR

Chakachas - Jungle Fever
Year: 1970    LP: 9,00 EUR

Grupo Irakere (Same)
Year: 1974    LP: 28,00 EUR

Mary Roos (Same)
Year: 1970    LP (Foldout Cover): 8,00 EUR

Varig Airlines - Green & Yellow
Year: 1969    LP : 10,00 EUR

Jumbo Goes Latin - Pete Jacques, C. Steinmann
Year: 1977    LP : 33,00 EUR

Jorge Ben - Africa Brasil
Year: 1976    LP: 29,00 EUR

The G/9 Group - Brazil Now!
Year: 1969    LP: 28,00 EUR

Os Farroupilhas
Year: 1963    LP: 29,90 EUR

Rock & Drums / Free - T. Onodera And Los Onoderas
Year: 1972    LP: 40,00 EUR

Nova Bossa Nova - Paulinho Da Viola, Jorge Arena...
Year: 1972    LP (Gatefold Cover): 14,00 EUR

Paulinho Da Viola - A Danca Da Solidao
Year: 1972    LP: 12,00 EUR

Duncan Lamont - Best Of Bossa Novas
Year: 1960s    LP: 5,00 EUR

Baden Powell - Poema On Guitar
Year: 1968    LP (Foldout Cover): 22,00 EUR

Samba Alegria Do Povo
Year: 1978    LP: 15,00 EUR

Maravillas de Mali (Les Merveilles du Mali)
Year: 1960s    LP: 29,00 EUR

Charlie Palmieri - Latin Bugalu
Year: 1968    LP: 20,00 EUR

Mario Robbiani - 16 Sweet & Soft Latin Sounds
Year: 1981    LP: 14,00 EUR

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
Year: 1970    LP: 10,00 EUR

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 bossa samba latin
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Erica-Chiquinho Et Les Show-Rio
Erica-Chiquinho Et Les Show-Rio
Erica-Chiquinho Et Les Show-Rio
Erica-Chiquinho Et Les Show-Rio
Brazil 77
14,90 EUR

Media: CD
Condition: New Copy (not sealed)
Label: Vadim
Year: 1977
Country: France
Cat. Number: VAD005-CHA001CD

Erica Norimar began her career in Rio as a dancer and singer, and published an album under her own name before leaving for Spain and integrating a band now mythical: Brazil Aquarius. There, she worked, among others, with the best bossa nova musicians in the country, Juan Carlos Calderon and Jordi Sabatès, before relocating again, this time to Paris.
Francisco « Chinquinho » Timotéo, accomplished composer and guitar player, became a professional in Brazil at the age of 14. He notably played on stage with the monumental Vinicius de Moraes and worked as an arranger for the brazilian radio and television. He chose to move to Paris and as soon as he arrived, started the band Os Maracatu, whose two albums both found success internationally.
Haunting Bossas and Saudades (Dodo, Ligia) displaying the incredible harmony, the complete fusion of these two tones. Springy jazzy Bossas (Chatanooga Choo Choo, Vatapa, De Frente Pro Crime) revealing Chiquinho's qualities as a melodist. Efficient and striking Sambas (Kid Cavaquinho, A Filha Da Chiquita Bacana). A Forrow, typical of the region of Nordeste (Forro), a Jazz instrumental à la Stephane Grapelli (Brasileirinho), showcasing the lead guitar. And last but not least, an uptempo Bossa (Nega De Obaluae) which could melt down the coldest dancefloor.

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