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Willie Rosario - Boogaloo & Guaguanco
Year: 1968    LP : 29,00 EUR

Otto De Rojas - Al Ritmo Del Bump-Bump
Year: 1976    7": 18,00 EUR

Bobby Hebb - Sunny' 76 (Discotheque)
Year: 1975    7": 5,00 EUR

Brigitte Wall - Alter müder Mann
Year: 1970's    7" : 28,00 EUR

Chakachas - Jungle Fever
Year: 1970    LP: 9,00 EUR

Grupo Irakere (Same)
Year: 1974    LP: 28,00 EUR

Mary Roos (Same)
Year: 1970    LP (Foldout Cover): 24,00 EUR

Varig Airlines - Green & Yellow
Year: 1969    LP : 10,00 EUR

Jumbo Goes Latin - Pete Jacques, C. Steinmann
Year: 1977    LP : 33,00 EUR

Jorge Ben - Africa Brasil
Year: 1976    LP: 29,00 EUR

The G/9 Group - Brazil Now!
Year: 1969    LP: 28,00 EUR

Os Farroupilhas
Year: 1963    LP: 29,90 EUR

Rock & Drums / Free - T. Onodera And Los Onoderas
Year: 1972    LP: 40,00 EUR

Nova Bossa Nova - Paulinho Da Viola, Jorge Arena...
Year: 1972    LP (Gatefold Cover): 14,00 EUR

Paulinho Da Viola - A Danca Da Solidao
Year: 1972    LP: 12,00 EUR

Duncan Lamont - Best Of Bossa Novas
Year: 1960s    LP: 5,00 EUR

Baden Powell - Poema On Guitar
Year: 1968    LP (Foldout Cover): 28,00 EUR

Samba Alegria Do Povo
Year: 1978    LP: 15,00 EUR

Maravillas de Mali (Les Merveilles du Mali)
Year: 1960s    LP: 29,00 EUR

Charlie Palmieri - Latin Bugalu
Year: 1968    LP: 20,00 EUR

Mario Robbiani - 16 Sweet & Soft Latin Sounds
Year: 1981    LP: 14,00 EUR

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
Year: 1970    LP: 10,00 EUR

Juan Santos y su Grupo Caliente
Year: 1978    LP: 25,00 EUR

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 bossa samba latin
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Claude Ciari
Claude Ciari
Claude Ciari
Claude Ciari
and The Batacuda's Seven
14,90 EUR

Media: CD
Condition: New Copy
Label: Pulp Flavor
Year: 1970
Country: France
Cat. Number: DD022CD

Claude Ciari started to play guitar when he was eleven years old. When he turned sixteen he joined a rock group  "Les Champions" as the solo guitarist. The group became the best instrumental band in France but Claude decided to leave in 1964 and recorded an album including a rumba “La Playa” which became a hit in 45 countries. He was 20 years old and sold a few million records. It was the beginning of an incredible carrier. Claude stayed in France until 1974 and then moved to Tahiti. One of the countries where he played quite often was Japan and what had to happen happened. He met his Japanese wife who was a fashion model, married, had two kids and finally took the Japanese citizenship. Quite unusual for a French man but it was his decision and became Japanese in 1985.Since then he lives in Japan. Claude recorded more that 50 records and performs in many countries, writes music for TV drama, soundtrack and appears in TV and Radio shows as well. Claude Ciari loves Latin music and the “Batucada Seven” was his first Latin LP, recorded in 1970. 

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