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The Motion Explosion - Fireworks
Year: 1970s    LP: 10,00 EUR

GŁnther Leimstoll - Wonderful Life
Year: 1970s    LP: 30,00 EUR

Bruton Music BRI 6 - Frontiers Of Science
Year: 1979    LP: 10,00 EUR

Bruton Music BRI 8 - Kinetics / Vision
Year: 1980    LP: 20,00 EUR

Bruton Music BRI 9 - Suspensions / Galaxy
Year: 1980    LP: 20,00 EUR

Bruton Music BRI 10 - Fantasia
Year: 1980    LP: 45,00 EUR

Bruton Music BRI 11 - The Video Age
Year: 1980    LP: 28,00 EUR

Bruton Music BRI 12 - Gyroscope
Year: 1980    LP: 35,00 EUR

Bruton Music BRI 13 - Dynamism
Year: 1980    LP: 12,00 EUR

Bruton Music BRI 14 - Futurism
Year: 1981    LP: 20,00 EUR

Bruton Music BRI 15 - Generation Gap
Year: 1981    LP: 12,00 EUR

Bruton Music BRP 6 - Evolution
Year: 1982    LP: 10,00 EUR

Drums Solo-Instrumente (Rudi Staeger, F. Loncar)
Year: 19??    LP: 45,00 EUR

Unterhaltungsmusik vom Studio Tirol
Year: 1982    LP: 18,00 EUR

Karel Krautgartner - Music In The Air 2
Year: 1970s    LP: 12,00 EUR

Bruton Music BRN 3 - Progress
Year: 1978    LP: 10,00 EUR

Gary Pacific - Flight To Frisco
Year: 1974    LP : 22,00 EUR

The Regency Line - Happy Guitar
Year: 1975    LP : 18,00 EUR

Bruton Music BRI 16 - Current Affairs
Year: 1981    LP : 15,00 EUR

Bruton Music BRI 20 - Audio Visual Energy
Year: 1982    LP : 15,00 EUR

Bruton Music BRI 21 - Tomorrows World
Year: 1982    LP : 25,00 EUR

Bruton Music BRI 22 - Music Beds
Year: 1982    LP : 20,00 EUR

Bruton Music BRI 23 - Forcefield
Year: 1984    LP : 10,00 EUR

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 soul & funk
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 library music
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 bossa samba latin
 beat & 60s pop
 prog psych rock pop
 smooth & easy
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Dramatic Funk Themes Vol.1
Dramatic Funk Themes Vol.1
Dramatic Funk Themes Vol.1
Dramatic Funk Themes Vol.1
British Rare Grooves from the THEMES INTERNATIONAL MUSIC Library 1973 - 1976

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Media: Double LP
Condition: New Copy

Label: Showup Records
Year: 1973 - 76 | Reissue
Country: Germany
Cat. Number:

Also available as CD!

22 unreleased Big Funk Scores feat. Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Parker, Alan Tew, Brian Bennett, David Lindup, James Clarke, Johnny Pearson, Keith Roberts, Kenny Salmon, Les Hurdle, Madeline Bell, Mike Moran.

During the 70s library music era, some of Europe’s leading jazz, classical and avantgarde musicians took part in composing and playing, while many were involved just once, others like Alan Hawkshaw penned thousands of usable themes for different library companies.

“Dramatic Funk Themes Vol.1” is a collection of such gems, all of which originate from the archives of the Themes International Music Library. Soundtracks for scenes which did not exist at the time - sometimes action-packed, dramatic or driving - such as a high speed car chase - or sometimes more laid-back and relaxed like crusing in a ragtop through the city. These are the scenes played out over a musical backdrop loaded with wah-wah guitars, deep basslines, rhodes, clavinets, analogue synthesizers, hammond organs, flutes, razor-sharp brass, groovy percussion and solid drum beats.

Please check out audio samples!

A1. Les Hurdle - Soul Train
A3. Kenny Salmon - Flying Squad

B2. Alan Hawkshaw - High Diver
B3. Madeline Bell & Alan Parker - Soul Slap
C1. David Lindup - At Risk
C3. Johnny Pearson - Work Force
C4. James Clarke - The Heavies
C5. Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett - Oddball
D2. David Lindup - Inside Information
D3. Mike Moran - The Pick Up

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