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Schnitzelbeat Vol. 3 - Ready For Take Off
Year: 1960s/70s | Reissue    LP : 28,90 EUR

Amplitude - The Hidden Sounds of French Library
Year: 1970s/80s | Reissue    LP: 21,90 EUR

Mimes - Some Kind Of Heartaches
Year: 1966    7" Sample Copy: 140,00 EUR

Marsha Hunt - Woman Child
Year: 1971    LP: 20,00 EUR

Chris Eklund - Take Away My Heart
Year: 1969    7": 45,00 EUR

Howard Carpendale - Du hast mich
Year: 1970    7": 6,00 EUR

Formula 1 - Nell'Inferno del Grand Prix
Year: 1970 | Reissue    LP: 20,00 EUR

Hildegard Knef (Same)
Year: 1970s    LP : 15,00 EUR

Georges Fleury - Road To Happyland
Year: 1975    LP: 18,00 EUR

Masada - Graziano Mandozzi
Year: 1977    LP (Gatefold Cover): 145,00 EUR

Musax Background Music Library Vol. 1
Year: 1970s | Reissue    LP: 19,90 EUR

In Motion - Modern Progressive Group Sounds by Rubba
Year: 1980 | Reissue    LP: 21,90 EUR

Jacky Giordano - Timing Archives
Year: 1970s | Reissue    LP: 19,90 EUR

Yan Tregger - Catchy
Year: 1978 | Reissue    LP: 19,90 EUR

Roland Baker Top Sound
Year: 1970s    LP: 75,00 EUR

Fred Karlin - Up The Down Staircase OST
Year: 1967    LP: 55,00 EUR

The Mood-Mosaic - A Touch Of Velvet - A Sting Of Brass
Year: 1969    7": 18,00 EUR

Soul Cookin' - The New London Rhythm & Blues Band
Year: 1969    LP : 15,00 EUR

Perry London - Hell Drivers
Year: 1971    LP: 25,00 EUR

Geissel des Fleisches - Gerhard Heinz
Year: 1965 (2014)    LP: 18,90 EUR

Dee Dee, Barry & The Movements - Soul Hour
Year: 1968 | Reissue    LP (Foldout Cover): 22,00 EUR

Colours Of Funk Vol. 2 - German Sound Library 1975-1982
Year: 1970s/80s | Reissue    LP: 18,00 EUR

German Funk Fieber Vol 1
Year: 60s/70s    CD: 15,50 EUR

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 library music
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 bossa samba latin
 beat & 60s pop
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Yan Tregger - Catchy
Yan Tregger - Catchy
Yan Tregger - Catchy
Yan Tregger - Catchy
40th Anniversary Edition
19,90 EUR

Media: LP
Condition: New

Label, Cat. Nr.:
Farfalla Records FR01LP
Year: 1978
| Reissue
Country: France

Yan Tregger - Catchy -- 40th Anniversary Edition

Yan Tregger can be considered as one of those composers and instrumentalists who have successfully explored various musical styles during their career, a true experimentalist with a motley repertoire, including Pop, Soul, Jazz, Rock, and even Disco, he remains a must-have for connoisseurs.
From the 1960s to the present day, whether as a composer, arranger or conductor, he is the author of more than 25 albums intended for the library music.
The majority of his timeless works, coveted by "diggers" around the world nowadays, set his uncommon productions well apart. With their singular arrangements and rhythms which have the particularity of "sticking" to each musical era, his music continues to delight DJ's and other beatmakers.

This reissue contains 1 bonus track from the 1974 movie "L'Amour à la bouche" (aka Mannequin) directed by Gérard Kikoïne.

Please check out audio samples!

A2. Catchy
A4. Sunny Wing
B1. Riff On
B3. Muscle and Heat

B4. This Time
L'Amour à la bouche (Bonus Track)

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