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Edgar Broughton Band - Hotel Room
Year: 1971    7": 15,00 EUR

Harvey Mandel - The Snake
Year: 1972    LP (Gatefold Cover): 17,00 EUR

Max Lässer - Songs
Year: 1976    LP: 15,00 EUR

Blues Magoos - We Ain't Got Nothin' Yet
Year: 1967    7": 28,00 EUR

The Nashville Teens - The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation
Year: 1969    7" : 20,00 EUR

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
Year: 1969    7" : 10,00 EUR

Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
Year: 1966    7" : 8,00 EUR

Austro Popshop - Various Artists
Year: 1975    LP: 17,00 EUR

Peter Cornelius und die Leaves - Das Leben geht weiter
Year: 1971    7" : 28,00 EUR

Carl P. Grun - Sunday Dawn
Year: 1981    LP: 18,00 EUR

Jade Warrior - Released
Year: 1971    LP (Fold-Out Poster Cover): 440,00 EUR

Kraftwerk - Doppelalbum
Year: 1976    Double LP (Gatefold Cover): 17,00 EUR

Ronnie Urini - Aus den Kellern der Nacht
Year: 1983    LP: 25,00 EUR

Katch 22 - It's Soft Rock & All Sorts
Year: 1968    LP: 17,00 EUR

Krokodil (Same)
Year: 1976    LP: 25,00 EUR

Jack Grunsky - My Ship
Year: 1969    LP: 29,00 EUR

Jack Grunsky - Train Station Blues
Year: 1968    7": 12,00 EUR

Chip & Dianne - The Good Times We've Had (Jack Grunsky)
Year: 1967    LP: 29,00 EUR

The Joker - Darling's Sweet Sweet Smile
Year: 1981    7" : 22,00 EUR

Bizarre Ko.Ko.Ko. - 00 Time
Year: 1984    LP: 20,00 EUR

Ginga Rale Band - Wir bedauern...
Year: 1980    LP : 85,00 EUR

Gary Lewis - Listen!
Year: 1967    LP : 16,00 EUR

Milestones (Same)
Year: 1970    LP: 25,00 EUR

 library music
 soul & funk
 beat & 60s pop
 prog psych rock pop
 smooth & easy
 bossa samba latin
 deutsche schlager
 library music
 soul funk
 bossa samba latin
 beat & 60s pop
 prog psych rock pop
 smooth & easy
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Best Of The Music Machine
Best Of The Music Machine
Best Of The Music Machine
Best Of The Music Machine
Featuring Sean Bonniwell
15,00 EUR

Media: LP
Condition: New Copy

Label: Rhino Records | Stereo
Year: 1960s | Reissue
Country: USA
Cat. Number: RNLP119

The Music Machine were a talented Los Angeles based garage-psych outfit with a sound that's quite unique. Sinister Farfisa organ riffs, fuzzy guitar lines and dark lyrics were the trademark of the band’s fascinating music. The music was also reflected in the band’s appearance, all dressed in black, wearing one black glove and having a Prince Valiant haircut which made them look very eccentric!

Please check out audio samples!

A2. The People In Me
A4. Trouble
B1. The Eagle Never Hunts The Fly
B2. Double Yellow Line
B4. You'll Love Me Again

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