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Johnny And The Hurricanes - Rockin' T
Year: 1960    7" (Sample Copy): 30,00 EUR

Johnny And The Hurricanes - The "Hep" Canary
Year: 1961    7" (Sample Copy): 28,00 EUR

The I'des Of March - You Wouldn't Listen
Year: 1966    7" (Sample Copy): 18,00 EUR

The Turtles - You Showed Me, Buzzsaw
Year: 1969    7" (Sample Copy): 10,00 EUR

The Fifth Estate - Do Drop Inn, That's Love
Year: 1967    7" (Sample Copy): 28,00 EUR

The Fifth Estate - Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead
Year: 1967    7" (Sample Copy): 17,00 EUR

The Newbeats - Thou Shalt Not Steal
Year: 1972    7" (Sample Copy): 20,00 EUR

The Happenings - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, Anyway
Year: 1968    7" (Sample Copy): 5,00 EUR

The Happenings - Music, Music, Music
Year: 1968    7" (Sample Copy): 5,00 EUR

The Happenings - I Believe In Nothing
Year: 1967    7" (Sample Copy): 7,00 EUR

The Bobby Fuller Four - Love's Made A Fool Of You | Dale Hawkins
Year: 1973    7" (Sample Copy): 8,00 EUR

The Brothers - Love Story, The Girl's Alright
Year: 1967    7" (Sample Copy): 4,00 EUR

The Newbeats - Run Baby Run
Year: 1971    7" (Sample Copy): 4,00 EUR

Boots Randolph - These Boots Are Made For Walking
Year: 1966    7" (Sample Copy): 10,00 EUR

The Monks - Oh-How To Do Now, Complication
Year: 1966    7": 60,00 EUR

Die 4 Roulettis - Wenn du fortgehst, Hallo Little Susi
Year: 1960s    7": 28,00 EUR

The Gipsies - Little Frankie
Year: 1965    7": 30,00 EUR

Christopher & Michael - Denk' nicht dran
Year: 1966    7": 7,00 EUR

Brian Poole And The Tremeloes - It's About Time
Year: 1965    LP: 28,00 EUR

Manfred Mann - The Musicmann
Year: 1967    LP: 28,00 EUR

Herman's Hermits
Year: 1968    LP: 28,00 EUR

Sunset Four - I Love You
Year: 1968    LP: 45,00 EUR

The Hollies - Would You Believe?
Year: 1966    LP: 27,00 EUR

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Maximum Freakbeat
Maximum Freakbeat
Maximum Freakbeat
Maximum Freakbeat
Feedback! Fuzz! Distortion! And Mayhem! An Essential 60s Compilation
16,50 EUR

Media: CD
Condition: New Copy
Label: Past & Present
Year: 1960s
Country: United Kingdom
Cat. Number: PAPRCD2090

Catching Rhythm&Blues as it morphed into Psychedelia, but with an angry, frantic edge, freakbeat has become one of the most avidly collected genres in all of pop. This legendary compilation gathers 21 of the genres finest examples. Great Britain is amply represented by legends such as Wimple Winch, The Mark Four and The Syndicats, alongside furious contributions from Iceland, Australia, Germany, Sweden and Holland, proving that freakbeat was a truly international phenomenon.

Please check out audio samples!

02. The Red Squares
- You Can Be My Baby
05. Paul a. Ritchie & The Crying Shames
- Come On Back
06. Wimple Winch - Save My Soul

12. The Game -
It's Shocking What They Call Me
16. The Mark Four -
Going Down Fast
17. The Motions -
Everything (That's Mine)
19. Allen Pound's Get Rich -
Searchin' In The Wilderness

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